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How to Set Up A Membership Site In Under 6 Minutes - Using COMPLETELY FREE Software..

Website Creation Tools

There are a lot of tools out there to help you build and design your new website. I have put together a small list of the tools that I have found to be very helpful in the creation process. The two styles that are available are the easy Word Press generated websites, which include an easy interface and no programming knowledge. Your website can be up in literally minutes. The other method is to build your website using page construction tools. While it requires a little more work, you are in complete control of everything on the page.


Word Press Direct

With Word Press Direct you are able to create SEO-Optimized, content-stuffed websites instantly. This tool does not require any html knowledge and with the 1500 professionally-designed themes available you are able to create an unique professional website in a matter of minutes. Word Press Direct even scours the internet for topic-specific video, audio and article content and automatically combines it on your site to create a truly unique visitor experience. New content is vital to keep your website fresh and current, with Word Press Direct you simply click a few buttons and Word Press Direct will update your site as often or as rarely as you'd like. Word Press Direct does it all for you, Word Press Direct has been designed to handle all the setup, SEO and maintenance functions for you.

It is just the answer to saving you hours of your valuable time. Their Free membership program has everything you need to get your professional website up and running fast. With your Free Membership, you'll be able to create 3 content-packed, instant-authority sites.

Word Press Direct


Build A Business Not A Blog

“ANNOUNCING! A New FREE 130+ Page Case Study That Reveals Step by Step Exactly What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Business Not Just a Blog!”

“You guys really should sell this not give it away”
~ Mike Paetzold

You Will Learn Step By Step

  • How to Make Money Online Blogging using WordPress Blogs
  • How to Uncover Incredible Niche Markets that are Already Proven Money Makers
  • Learn How to Set up Your Blog so Both the Search Engines and “Real” People will Absolutely Love it
  • Learn How To Create “Content with Purpose” That Will Have Your Readers Doing Exactly What You Want Them To
  • How To Create a Viral Link Building Strategy that will Skyrocket Your Blog Like You Never Thought Possible
  • Learn How To Dominate the Search Engines Faster Then You Thought Possible
  • and so much more all for FREE!

Build A Busines, Not A Blog


Unique Article Wizard

What is the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest way to get traffic to your website? Want the quick answer?

Getting high quality traffic is probably the biggest question asked by both new and established online businesses. After all, it makes no difference if you are selling a product, promoting affiliate links, or displaying adsense - you need traffic. And loads of it. So how do you do it?

Well, you could buy advertising. Hmm. Expensive. It is easy to spend several thousands of dollars A MONTH through Google.

You could buy text links. Also expensive - and rapidly losing effectiveness in the search engines. Just 100 links can set you back upwards of $2,000. But you need THOUSANDS of links for most niches.

You could buy the "Latest and Greatest" black-hat technique - whether that be "blog and ping", "tag and ping", log-file spamming, blog-comment spamming, or whatever else some clever whiz-kid has come up with. The problem is, by the time the whiz-kid releases it to you, it is already past its sell-by date. Too bad, you missed the boat. And maybe you got your site banned too.

But did you know that there is one, rock-solid, technique that has been quietly working since the very beginning of the internet, is completely immune to changes in search engine algorithms, is 100% legitimate and ethical, takes very little time, and costs almost nothing?

Need your new site listed by the search engines in days rather than weeks or months? This will do it.

Need top placings for organic traffic, even in highly competitive markets? This will do it. What is more, it can even help you with the offline promotion too!

But it gets even better. Over the past year, my good friend Dr. Noel Swanson has put this method onto steroids. He has been quietly using it to build his adsense empire, AND to promote his own products, snagging the Number 1 position in Google from 270 million competing websites as he did so!

And now, having decided that it won't hurt his own business by doing so, he is releasing this system to other smart marketers. People like you, in fact.

Not only that, but if you act quickly, you can lock in your membership at a ridiculously low price - and promote as many websites as you want at no extra cost!

Please be clear on this. This is NOT the "latest and greatest" fad. It will not be "worn out" in the next month or two. This is an already well-established method that is being quietly used by all the smartest marketers - but that has now been brought to a whole new level of simplicity and power.

If you are paying money for Google adwords and/or any other form of online advertising or traffic generation and NOT using Noel’s system then, quite frankly, you need your head examined! Go take a good look at it now:

Unique Article Wizard


Blink Web

I know just how scary it can be to create your first website.

Let's face it, the whole website creation process was NOT designed for the average person. You pretty much have to either know how to code in html, javascript, php, or any of those other crazy programming languages, OR you can pay someone thousands of dollars that does, in order to get your website up and running these days.

To be honest, most people, including myself, would not want to do that. Most people would just rule out ever making money on the internet because of this huge stumbling block.

Well, I've got some good news for you. Once you are part of the BlinkWeb community, you'll be able to create your very own professional looking website in only a few minutes. And that is without knowing any HTML, javascript, php or any of those other crazy languages.!

All you need to know is what you already know how to do, click your mouse and type on your keyboard.

Not only will you be able to create your own website in a few minutes, but they also offer a 6 day course that will teach you the exact steps on how to make money from your website. Because we all know that a website that doesn't make money in one way or another is a waste of our valuable time and effort.

The course consists of one email each day for 6 days. Each email will contain a link that will take you to an area in BlinkWeb where you'll learn the next step in getting your website up and running and making money for you like clockwork.




This is one of the best free, easy website authoring software programs.

KompoZer is a complete web authoring system. It combines web file management and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.

KompoZer is also designed to be extremely easy to use, making it an ideal web page creation product for the non-technical computer user who wants to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without the need to know HTML or web coding.



Color Scheme Designer

An extremely helpful free tool that can help pick color schemes for your website, using a color wheel to automatically pick colors that are balanced with each other. Once you choose the primary colors, you can view them together in a sample web page.

Color Scheme Designer


Designer PlayThing

Designer Play Thing is a free tool that allows designers of websites to experiment with different web typography and color combinations on a page as well as check for the color accessibility level.

This is done through a simple and intuitive menu driven system. Designer Plaything allows even the most inexperienced users full control over layout and color scheme for a page, including tracking, kerning and leading. (That is the spacing between the characters, words and lines.)

With Designer Plaything's unique "color picker" interface you can chose from millions of colors for body copy headlines and backgrounds. You will also be provided with instant feedback as to whether your chosen combination meets with World wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations.

Key Features Include:

  • You can change the font for the headline and the body text
  • You are able to adjust the font size for the headline and the body text
  • You can also adjust the leading (line spacing) of the headlines and the body text
  • You can also adjust the kerning (letter spacing) of the headlines and the body text
  • You can also adjust the tracking (word spacing) of the headlines and the body text
  • You are able to apply over 16 million colors in any combination to your page, article background, headline and body text
  • You have one click access to a full "web safe" color palette
  • You also have instant color contrast and brightness accessibility calculations to both W3C and Hewlett Packard recommendations
  • You are also able to adjust the article width
  • And you are able to adjust the headline and the paragraph length

Designer Play Thing


Instant Banner Creator

This is a free graphics tools that helps make banners, footers, buttons and peel away ads.

Yes, you can now make your own professional graphics in seconds... Even if you're like me, who is graphically challenged, color blind and can't tell the difference between red & green.

The first step you need to do is to decide what you want to make. A banner? A header? A footer? A button? A Peel Away Ad or something else?

Let's say you want to make a banner... You just click the link next to the green arrow, then scroll through the library of backgrounds...

Then select your background. Then click on 'Use Banner'. Next you simply add your text.

Once you have the text inserted, it's easy to add more clip art, change the text or change the background. All with a click of your mouse, no programming needed!. Then moments later when you have everything exactly what you want it, you simply click again to save it to your gallery.

That's it, it's extremely easy and it's free.

Instant Banner Creator



FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.





Digital Online

 Goals School

Digital Online Goals School is your complete source for your online career. We test the tools so you don't have to. These are all tools that we use during the course of our business and we feel confident that they will prove valuable in your business as well. We liked them so well we wanted to share them with you. Please note that most of the products listed in this site are part of our affiliate programs and when you purchase these products through our links we may make commissions off of the sale. Thank you for your support.

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All Around Helpful Tools


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Market Finding Tools


Micro-Niche Finder


Keyword Elite - Market Finding Tool


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Website Creation Tools


Word Press Direct


The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemes


Build A Business Not A Blog


Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites


Blink Web


KompoZer - Web Authoring Software


Color Scheme Designer


Designer Plaything - The Standalone Web Typography and Color Testing Tool





Website Promotional Tools

PPC - Pay Per Click


G Money Pro - Adwords Instructional Manual


SpeedPPC Adword Creation Tool


HyperVRE AdSense Generator


Spy Fu


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


SEO Elite - The Grand Daddy Of All SEO Software


IBusiness Promoter - SEO Ranking Tool


SEO Power Suite Tools


Traffic Travis


Web CEO Software




Email Marketing


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